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Blog 8, Choi

In the song Democracy written and sung by Leonard Cohen it talks about his views of America. Although he was a Canadian, he cared about America and wanted people to listen to his song because he was horrified and worried about what America was slowly becoming. Some of his lyrics were great representations to what was happening in America today. For example, from the protesters of Black lives matter the lyrics “it’s coming from the sorrow in the street, the holy places where the races meet. Another example are the feminists that are also protesting for equal rights, he said “from the homicidal bitchin’/ that goes down in every kitchen/ to determine who will serve and who will eat”. Although he passed away recently, many Americans still play his music for the wise words and opinions in his song. It is known that if words don’t hinder someones feeling a poem or song will, which is why people listen to these types of songs, possibly to pass on the message. 

The beginning of the song you could hear a snare drum that closely sounded similar to the beginning of an American marching band. This song is a genre of pop as it was widely recognized and played by many people all around the world. His music video shows different pictures of the history of America and could be heard saying U.S.A multiple times. I think his addition of drums in his song are a very effective way to create a political feel to it. Not only does the title of the song give away a political vibe, but his use of instruments also show a great example of a political song.