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Blog 7, Jain

A Sema Ceremony (also known as ‘Sufi Ceremony’) is a worship ceremony. In a Sema Ceremony there are many formal sections that take place. Also, to add on, Sema Ceremonies symbolize a soul’s journey to God. Often this happens in a Church in which there is a lot of music and dance. It is a very cheerful moment to experience. In the Sema Ceremony you experience direct spiritual union with God. Usually Ceremonies like this happen in Turkey. This concept was brought out in Turkey and is still very well-known in Turkey. These ceremonies usually start off by a form of meditation. After there would be dancing, to cheer up the moment and give everyone enlightenment. The dancers who dance at Sema Ceremonies always fast for many many hours before the actually ceremony. It is just a tradition that they do. The dance that is done in a certain manner, and not just any steps and movements. (What to Expect in a Sema Ceremony)

Amazing Grace is a very talented and well-known piece of Gospel music. This music piece is very religious and is usually played in a church prayer. Which is similar to a hymn. (Story of Amazing Grace) This song is fully dedicated when people worship to god. In Amazing Grace singers usually have instruments, and they sing to it in a specific way and there are multiple people singing. Something similar between both of these pieces of music, Sema Ceremony and Amazing Grace, is that they both worship God, with a bunch of people that have there full trust in God and worship him only, as well as both pieces of music are religious. Both songs have a very slow rhythm and tempo to them.

Even though there are a few similarities between both of the pieces of music there are also a lot of differences that come with it. Some of the differences that can be between these two pieces of music is that In the Sema Ceremony there is an instrumental piece that is being used, in this ceremony there are no voices that are there. Whereas in Amazing Grace, It is the total opposite and there are no instruments that are being used. And an amazing grace there are only people singing with no instruments at all. As learned in class, usually songs like this are referred to and “Acapella”.