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Blog 4, Kotkes

I chose the opening scene from “Get Out”. The clip starts off with a black man on the phone, talking to a girlfriend, walking on the sidewalk. As he is walking, there are alot of outdoor sounds like crickets buzzing and dogs barking. After getting off the phone, he seems a bit nervous while walking through this particular neighborhood. He is talking to himself out loud while he is walking. He is talking about how creepy it is and directions he must follow to get to a certain destination. Suddenly, he notices a white car following him. The car is driving very slowly and is stopping when he stops. He seems to get very nervous by the car and tries to stay calm. He then turns around to walk the opposite direction and then starts to cross the street. Suddenly, someone dressed as a knight with a mask grabs him and seems to be choking him. He then drags him into his car trunk. The scene then ends as the car drives away.

There are many diegetic sounds in this scene. Firstly, the footsteps,the breathing, the crickets,and the dogs are heard by him and the audience. We also hear what he is thinking because he says it aloud. The man and the audience hear the sound of the driving as well. I think the only non diegetic sound in the scene is the music coming out of the vehicle. It seems like the man doesn’t hear the music.

The music added into the scene, such as the music played once we saw the car, adds the intensity to the situation. The music being played had a kind of weird and spooky beat and tune. It’s a type of music heard by a haunted house or in a spooky movie. This music shows us that someone bad is about to happen which is the kidnapping. It also foreshadows that the movie may not be all comedic, it will have some spooky or mysterious parts.

Tempo is the speed at which a piece of music or part of it is played . The tempo in the music hints to the spookiness as well. As the car and the knight get closer to the man, the faster the music is. The tempo getting faster as the action rises, gives it a spooky vibe. As the guy is being attacked and dragged into the car truck, the tempo is fastest. I think the tempo being fast can resemble a heart beat. When there is a scary situation happening, our head and heart beats extra quickly.


  1. I like how you picked different ideas that correlate well together. Your interpretation of the tempo in regards to a heartbeat was also very interesting. It was interesting to see you focus on the car and how it presented a spooky part of the scene as well.

  2. Hi Sophia! I found it really interesting how you mentioned that we are able to hear what the man in the clip was thinking, because he was talking out loud. It was also an interesting point how you mentioned that the man doesn’t hear the music coming from the car, as that is not as obvious. I also like how you mentioned that the tempo can resemble a heart beat, that was an fascinating point and I found it to be very true, as the movie gives off this very spooky vibes.

  3. I also chose to analyze this scene and I think its interesting that you thought he didn’t hear the music playing from the car. When I watched this scene I didn’t interpret it that way. I also didn’t realize the dogs barking. I agree the tempo could reflect his fast heartbeat in that moment.

  4. I agree with the fact that the music added intensity to the situation. I thought that it made the scene seem more scarier and creepier as well because of the dark streets and kind of music. I also like how you compared the tempo to that of a heartbeat because while watching the clip, I did not think of a comparison like that.

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