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Blog 4, Bhatnagar

This movie starts off with a black man walking down the streets of a predominantly white neighborhood, lost and uncomfortable. The situation gets worse when a mysterious car suddenly appears and starts following him. Then, a man who was dressed as a knight comes and attacks him. After that, he knocks him out and puts him in the trunk of the car. 

There were many diegetic sounds that came in the background of this video clip. Non Diegetic sounds are sounds only the audience can hear. Some of them were the crickets to show it was a dark and quiet night and that nobody was around there. Later, we can hear the footsteps and the breathing to show that nobody is near. Later, the dogs added a scary scene because the sounds of the dogs weren’t really that friendly. They seemed to be more as if the dogs will attack or are trying to create that fear that something is about to happen. One sound that I wouldn’t really say was diegetic because the audience and him can hear, but added to the scene well was the car sound when it came and the guy had noticed. In that part he turned his path and went the other side. 

The car came here because during a kidnapping scene usually, it is always a quiet place and many people aren’t usually around and that is what this scene reminded me of. The song in the background in the car that was playing was Run Rabbit Run. Basically, it is indirectly telling the man to run away otherwise he will get choked.

Towards the end they use crescendo when they use the violin, the end adds to the suspense and to make the story seem mysterious about what will happen next. It just leaves the story open ended and in a way where the audience would want to keep watching the movie.