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Blog 3, Bessalely

I have chosen the loop machine as a technological instrument of music. The purpose of the loop machine is to add layers to music and develop a song further and further as the song continues. The machine loops a prior line of music and overlaps it with further singing or music throughout the song. It seems like a smaller version of a keyboard, and is held and used during a performance. In order to use it buttons and signals must be used throughout the performance to allow it to keep changing the music. Although I do not have any experience with this technology, I have seen many foreign country singers use it in their live performances. 

This piece of music is named “toy” performed by Netta, an Israeli singer. She won the Eurovision contest against many other countries with this piece. This technology made this singers performance stand out and seem unique to people. This is what contributed to the performers winning Eurovision and other singing competitions. It is an uncommon instrument used during live performances and shocked many audience members.

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  1. Hey! I found your post very interesting especially since I’ve seen this tool used before just never knew what it was called. It was cool seeing it in the video you posted it seems very hard to use especially live so much respect for Netta. It is so interesting to hear the loops in the music she plays as you mentioned in your blog post.

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