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The two musical pieces i have chosen to write about is Kyrie (monophonic) and Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. For Kyrie (monophonic) there are several musical elements within the piece. The first element being the melody which “can be understood as a unit of pitches (or tones) sounded in succession” (Cornelius 66), in this particular piece I would say has a short range for the high notes Because they don’t go for long but the low notes do go for a bit longer. For scale which “consist of ascending and descending steps”, I could say is both ascending and descending throughout the song. For rhythm, the tempo is overall notes are slower or andante. The harmony is dissonant with more vocals that sound dark and deep making it dissonant. As for the texture, it would be monophony because throughout the piece it is just “one single musical line with no accompaniment”(Cornelius 93) and only an echo otherwise but either way just one musical line. The element this piece doesn’t have is timbre which is the part of the music where an instrument would go in but this song is only vocals.
The other musical piece I have chosen is Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. To begin the melody it has a long distance between the high and low notes which can contrast to the other musical piece that only had a pong range for the low notes. This would be called a disjunct range which is a long distance between pitches. The scale has more of major pitches throughout the song that can contrast against the other song as well. For the rhythm it tempo I say is adagio which means “at ease”(Cornelius 83). The harmony is I would say consonant with a background pitch of some dissonant notes maybe. As for the Texture could be heterophony, because it is one single line but there are other performers singing it slightly different. The dynamic is from mezza-forte to fortissimo which is a crescendo. Just like the other piece it doesn’t contain a timbre.