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Blog 2, Fraczek

Today, I will be listening to “Alapana from ‘Sitar, Sarode, and Tabla'” and Kyrie (monophonic)¬†and talk about them in connection with Timbre, Texture, and Harmony.

Timbre is the particular sound or color that an instrument makes. The texture is the way in which different musical parts fit together. Harmony is the sounding of two or more pitches at the same time.

The texture of “Kyrie” is monophonic because it is a single melodic line with no musical accompanist. It is present due to the fact the choir members are singing the same Melody harmoniously. Timbre is not present at all in this song due to the fact that it’s a vocal choir. They used there voices only, no instruments at all, therefore there is no timbre. There is Harmony in Kyrie and it is Consonant, meaning they sound pleasant. The voices blend together in a very satisfactory way.

The texture of “Alapana” is biophonic I believe. There are a Melody and drone present in the song. There is timbre in the song and I believe there to be woodwinds and strings. Due to my lack of knowledge of musical instruments, I can’t precisely name them. There is Harmony present here however at times, for me, it was consonant and dissonant.

Kyrie is monophonic, does not utilize timbre, and is harmonious, while Alapana is biophonic, has timbre, and is both consonant and dissonabt.