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The Baroque period occurred at the end of the 16th century and is defined in the textbook by the “revival of the emotional power of Ancient Greek drama” (page 50). This lead there to be an invention of the genre of opera. Something about this period which excites me would be that there started to be involvement of instruments during this time, which is a large part of music today. And I believe the addition of instruments into music as an accompaniment was a great idea, hence there are usually instruments preset in most music now.

A historical event which occurred during the Baroque period was the findings of Jamestown, the first American colony. Another historical event which took place during the end of the 16th century is the Salem witch hunt, which was the accusation of witchcraft for several woman.

The way the music during this period is described in the textbook is that operas finale started to feature “dues ex machina” which is a “plot device in which any remaining problems were miraculously resolved.” The mention of new instrumental genres arising was mentioned as well such as sonata and concerto. The book also mentions is the “addition of decorative notes” which are ornaments to melodic lines, to both vocal and instrumentals. The Baroque period which I did not know to much about before reading the textbook I know am aware of the interesting period of music this is, and the importance of it.

One of the composers mentioned whom I chose to listen to is George Frideric Handel’s piece “Messiah.” I use to sing this piece every year as a closing act in high school in my choir class, so I am familiar with this piece as it is a very wonderful work to listen to. As the time period was described in the textbook this piece did fit the description as there was an accompaniment of the orchestra. Since the textbook mentioned the increasing use of different instruments in this period that really stood out since you are able to hear the violin and other instruments with vocalist behind them. Overall, this was an interesting period to learn more about and expand my knowledge.

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