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I chose Alapan from Sitar, Sarode and Tabla. While listening to this song the musical element that stood out the most was harmony. Harmony is the sound of two or more pitches occurring at the same time. The harmony in this song seems very consonant. The harmony isn’t harsh at all, it just flows together. Timbre is also an element that came to mind when listening to this song. I couldn’t tell exactly what instrument was being used. However, the instruments being used all stood apart from each other. They gave the song a unique sound, especially the keyboard sounding instrument.

The second song I listened to was Kyrie from The Pope Marcellus Mass. This song just like the other one has a consonant harmony. The voices meshed together easily and didn’t sound abrupt. Another element I observed was the texture, this is the way music is fitted together. This element was harder to pick out. It required more analysis of the song. I had to listen to the song and find the layers of the voices. After listening to the song I heard the biophony. At one point in the song, the biophony was very easy to hear. The two different lines were heard but gave off the same melody.


  1. I liked how you incorporated elements that I didn’t use when listening to these pieces. Also, I liked how you included the keyboard sound when listening to Alapan. Your opinion on The Pope Marcellus Mass stood out to me, when you talked about its’ biophony. I wasn’t able to notice it at first as well. Very interesting!

  2. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your post. I also wrote about consonant harmony in Alapan so I totally agree with what you wrote! The harmony is the musical piece was very pleasing to the ear which makes it consonant. When listening to Alapan, I also felt confused with which instruments were being used. The instrument sounds were very unique and hard to figure out exactly which instrument/s were being used.

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