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Music and Loss

Music and loss are topics that are essentially interconnected. We as humans throughout our lives face circumstances that often cause us feelings of deep pain or loss. We feel emotions of loss when we lose someone that we love, when someone we care about moves away from us, we sometimes even feel loss when we lose certain things that make us happy, etc. During those tough times we often turn to music in order for us to escape our suffering, to express ourselves, and sometimes to find a deeper meaning in the things that we are going through. 

The two music entries used in this playlist “Music and Loss” are Billie Eilish- No Time to Die and Hanne Leland- It’s Your Eyes I See. Both songs are about dealing with profound feelings of grief when accepting the death of someone you loved. How truly hard and painful it is to go through with your normal without the person you cared about. Billie Eilish sings in her song “We were a pair/ But I saw you there/ Too much to bear/ You were my life/ But life is far away from fair”. These lines represent her feelings of deep emotional pain very vividly and show us how shaken she really is. Hanne Leland in her song says “Every night I lay down imagine you next to me/ It’s your eyes I see”. She is reliving old moments with the person she loved and trying to make sense of it all. Through music they attempt to bring upon closure to their experiences with loss. The slow tempo in both songs emphasizes the notion of darkness associated with both songs and portray the feelings of grief effectively. 

If I were to do this playlist I’d also pick similar songs. The two songs I’d pick are “The Night That We Met” by Lord Huron and “Raindrops” by Ariana Grande. In both songs the artists are singing about missing their loved ones and expressing their deep feeling of agony. “Raindrops” by Ariana Grande is dedicated to her late boyfriend Mac Miller. It is a very short song consisting of only 4 lines but somehow it captures her heartache quite clearly. “When raindrops fell down from the sky/ The day you left me, an angel cried/ Oh, she cried, an angel cried/ She cried.” There’s a use of disjunct in this song; which is when pitches have long distances between them. This is very effective in this song and portrays the feeling of grief flawlessly.  In the song “The Night That We Met” Lord Huron is reminiscing about the first time that he met his lover and how he wishes he could turn back time. While singing this song he has deep feelings of regret and sadness as he no longer has the love that he once had. “I had all and then most of you/ Some and now none of you/ Take me back to the night we met/ I don’t know what I’m supposed to do/ Haunted by the ghost of you/ Oh, take me back to the night we met.” He lives his life in trepidation replaying back memories that once made him happy. The tempo of this song is very slow and mellow which helps visualize the memories that the artist deeply misses and wishes he could get back. These two songs would fit perfectly into this playlist as both songs consist of great feelings of sorrow and pain that people feel when dealing with the loss of someone they loved.

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