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Blog 5, Kushmakova

I personally think that I would be most comfortable in a symphony orchestra concert because throughout my four years in high school my choir sang behind an orchestra for our closing act every winter concert. This being, I am very fond of the orchestra sound and the way the instruments in unison resonate through the auditorium. The song is beautiful, and I feel like the music tells a story and like most other performers the expression and passion on the instrumentalist faces are very engaging. Also, not only the expression of the instrumentalist but the conductors body language says a lot about how the performance will play out. Because watching the conductor put his all and truly feel the music is very interesting to watch. 

On the other hand, a performance I would be least comfortable attending (although I am open to almost all types of music) would be Hindustani classical performance. My reason behind this is because although the unique instruments and sounds can be beautiful, I think that I would get bored easily. I probably would not be able to sit through hours of his type of music because I find less of an emotional connection than I do with a symphony orchestra. 

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