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The Romantic Period, 1830’s to the 1900’s, was a period in time where many artists really went out of their comfort zone and experimented with different instruments that we still play today. There were a lot of dramatic contrasts in sounds. The thing that excites me about this period is there were a lot of instruments invented that we have updated and still use today. For example the saxophone was invented during the Romantic period.

A historical event that occurred during the Romantic period was industrialization, and the American civil war. There were a lot of new inventions , such as new instruments and even new genres of music.

The composer I chose from this period was Franz Liszt. He was a Hungarian composer, pianist, organist, etc in the Romantic period. The piece is chose was Liebestraum No.3. In the beginning of the song, it started off very slow and peaceful, then towards the middle, the piano started to get more intense. Then towards the end of the song it gets slow again. I really like this piece as it’s like riding a rollercoaster throughout the whole song.

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